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20th December

We’re all familiar with movements like Movember. They’re awesome and newsworthy because they help raise awareness about important health issues. But, long before there were efforts like this, we were inspired to create a movement of our own that was centered around the upcoming release from Tampa’s Underoath entitled Lost In The Sound of Separation.  We called it Septembeard.

The idea behind Septembeard was simple. Since we knew that most of Underoath’s fans were males ranging between the ages of 18 and 24, we sought to create a movement that would give those fans the opportunity to put their beards on display to the world.  From August 1st, 2008 until the album’s release date (September 2nd), we encouraged fans to give up shaving and release their facial hair into the wild. We even enlisted the help of all five members of … Read More »

50 Days of Demon Hunter

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14th December

On the web, we live in an age where content rules. Attention spans are shorter than ever and to keep a fanbase captivated, we must develop a continuous stream of compelling content. After years of developing Demon Hunter’s career and over 500,000 album sales, we knew that when it came time to begin the set up for Demon Hunter’s The World Is A Thorn, we had an army of fans to satiate.  We would pull no punches.  We would strike for the throat.  We would develop a contiguous content schedule so intense that we would have to wrack our brains night and day to make it even possible. Our best chance of success depended upon keeping fans engaged with new and exciting content, so we pushed the boundaries of normalcy to create something special.

The result? The 50 Days of Demon Hunter … Read More »

Stand Your Ground

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13th December

I’ve had the good fortune to work on a lot of fun and interesting projects over the years, but without question a definite highlight came when I was able to be a Producer on the Oh, Sleeper – Stand Your Ground game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Working with the dedicated crew at , we created a high-intensity side scrolling arcade fighter themed around the Dallas metal band Oh, Sleeper and their new album, Children of Fire.

“Send me all of hell and I’ll face them. I’ll face them one on one thousand.”

A first for a band of this genre, we dubbed the game “Stand Your Ground” and dove head first into creating a video game that would immerse fans in a highly conceptual, signature Oh, Sleeper experience. With a soundtrack featuring 8-bit retro versions of the band’s songs and … Read More »


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13th December

If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you know that it’s sensory overload. There are multiple stages with music coming from every direction, a sea of sweaty concert-goers and funky smells to contend with, and vendors, vendors, and more vendors. You’re being barraged with a marketing message at every turn and ever step you take you’re walking on a sea of someone else’s promotional material. As an organization trying to market a product, the landscape is especially competitive and it’s very difficult to standout.

As a regular sponsor at festivals like the Van’s Warped Tour, we set out to give ourselves a competitive advantage by creating a print publication called Fuel. Each full-color, 32 page issue included band features and interviews, advertisements, games, and a downloadable MP3 sampler featuring over 20 free tracks from Tooth & Nail and Solid State … Read More »


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11th December

When Underoath set out to release what would be their final studio album Ø (Disambiguation) in November of 2010, I knew we had to do something different.  The band had long been known as a genre-defining act and had completely changed the way that many people perceive heavy music.  Additionally, this album marked the first without one of the most notable longtime members of the band, drummer and vocalist Aaron Gillespie.  There was a great deal of anticipation about how the band’s sound would change with the addition of new members.

In the content driven era, I’ve made it my goal time and time again to take a single piece of content and recapitulate it in as many ways as possible. Many consumers have a “one and done” mentality in regards to music consumption. If, for instance, a new song or piece of … Read More »

Enter Sandman

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27th November

In support of the the third full-length release from metal stalwarts, Mychildren Mybride, we constructed an elaborate online maze utilizing YouTube that consisted of 17 different videos with over 20 possible paths for fans to choose.  Through creatively shot third-person video, fans were taken on an “interactive nightmare” to escape their environment.  The soundtrack?  Mychildren Mybride.  The incentive? If fans made it through the maze by selecting the right paths, they unlocked a brand new unreleased song from the band’s forthcoming album.  The payoff?  Nearly 100,000 total video views and an engaging experience unlike anything the metal community has seen before.  Check out the Mychildren Mybride “Dreamcatchers” Interactive Nightmare! Choose wisely on your path and you will continue your journey, but a myriad of decisions lie around each corner that will decide your fate!


Golden Pass

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16th November

Inspiration is all around us.  It stems from our past and our present.  It helps us to move forward, savor each moment, and plan for the future. Sometimes inspiration is right in front of us…and sometimes its the most common sense solution to a set of problems.

With the release of Underoath’s album Lost In The Sound Of Separation, we were violently being thrust into a day and age where actually selling music to fans was becoming harder and harder. The value of music was inherently beginning to diminish amongst our demographic and free music was becoming more and more widely available. Behaviorally, exchanging music had become as common place as sending an e-mail. One click of a button and an entire artist’s catalogue could be yours in minutes. In an attempt to bring more value to the physical product, we … Read More »

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We’re all familiar with movements like Movember. They’re awesome and newsworthy because they help raise awareness about important health issues. But, long before there...

50 Days of Demon Hunter

On the web, we live in an age where content rules. Attention spans are shorter than ever and to keep a fanbase captivated, we...