In the quickly changing and evolving entertainment industry, John Frazier has proven himself adept at identifying and establishing both commercial and subcultural presence for bands, artists and brands in the social media realm, retail sphere, and public spaces at large. His attention to detail and forward-thinking vision led Alternative Press magazine to include him in their list of “Innovators” in an article about the industry’s brightest stars. His keen awareness of trends and emerging technology have allowed him to parlay his passion for music into helping artists meaningfully connect with their fans to holistically develop lasting careers.

John’s ability to articulately and effectively communicate with everyone from the everyday fan to people of influence at companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and MTV are what define his distinctly unique skill set. After over a decade in marketing, John remains a driven professional who has never lost touch of his passion for the universal language of music and its ability to make people feel alive.

Living and working in Seattle, WA as Director of Marketing for both Tooth & Nail and Solid State Records, Frazier oversaw strategies for albums across several different genres and engaged in the planning and execution of all marketing initiatives.  Despite illegal downloading and shifting trends, John’s creativity and dedication to his craft continued to rise above the challenges even as others floundered. His efforts have resulted in multiple gold albums, an extraordinary feat in the modern age for young artists with little to no radio or TV support.

The suburban kid from Richmond, Virginia who tucked himself away in his bedroom and got lost in a world of new and interesting sounds grew up to help bridge the gap between the artists, brands, and fans. He’s living proof that passion and persistence more than adequately compensate for any inadequacies we may have — and that the only boundaries that exist are the ones you place upon yourself.

John shares his Seattle home with his wife Laura and their dog, Taz. John graduated from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA with a degree in Media Arts and Design.  In his spare time, John likes to travel, eat really tasty food, workout, and drink beer and fine spirits. He’s a fan of sports, modern design, and barbecue. He loves his Mom and Dad profusely.

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My Work

In my time in the entertainment industry, I've managed marketing campaigns large and small and have had my hands on a vast array of different projects. I'm an ambassador for a creative approach to marketing and am adept in the fundamentals of the social, advertising, retail space and beyond.


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