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In music marketing, we’re always looking for a perfect symbiosis between the content we’re marketing and the marketing message itself.  In a perfect world, we’re able to pull our inspiration from album titles, song names, or artwork associated with a given artist or release. In the case of Emery’s album We Do What We Want, we wanted to do something out of the ordinary when releasing the band’s new song, “Scissors.” So, naturally we pulled inspiration directly from the song title and decided to literally cut up the song into 7 pieces and release it over the course of 7 days – but that was just the beginning.

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We manipulated each one of the song clips and sent fans on an online scavenger hunt to download, evaluate, and reassemble clips. We teamed up with the folks at North Social and utilized their Facebook Slideshow app to create a hub for the promotion on the band’s Facebook page. Each day, we released a new piece of the song at a different partner site and an accompanying image within the app.  Each image included a cryptic riddle that would help fans decipher each piece of audio and pointed them to the song clip.  We utilized the band and label’s online channels and partnered with three different influential music blogs to distribute each new piece of audio. Our goal was to not only challenge fans and engage with them online, but to also use the promotion as an opportunity to partner with third party sites that had their own audience and could help us expand our reach.

Immediately, fans began to download the pieces, reassemble them, and share them with other fans online. Thousands and thousands of fan-created impressions began to organically spread across the web, all before we had officially released the entire song online. What would have normally been a single web event resulted in clips and videos of the song being uploaded daily by fans that showcased the song’s progression.  The promotion culminated in an official full song premiere across the band and label’s online channels.  Our efforts were successful because they allowed us to extend the mileage of a single piece of content, engage fans on the band’s social networks, and create partnerships with third party sites by giving them a piece of exclusive content.  In the weeks to follow, we additionally released an official music video for the song and a download of the song on the Rock Band Network.

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In music marketing, we’re always looking for a perfect symbiosis between the content we’re marketing and the marketing message itself.  In a perfect world,...


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