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If you’ve ever been to a music festival, you know that it’s sensory overload. There are multiple stages with music coming from every direction, a sea of sweaty concert-goers and funky smells to contend with, and vendors, vendors, and more vendors. You’re being barraged with a marketing message at every turn and ever step you take you’re walking on a sea of someone else’s promotional material. As an organization trying to market a product, the landscape is especially competitive and it’s very difficult to standout.

As a regular sponsor at festivals like the Van’s Warped Tour, we set out to give ourselves a competitive advantage by creating a print publication called Fuel. Each full-color, 32 page issue included band features and interviews, advertisements, games, and a downloadable MP3 sampler featuring over 20 free tracks from Tooth & Nail and Solid State artists. Take a virtual look at an issue of Fuel here.


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